Soundbellows® - an easy to play wind instrumentSoundbellows® - an easy to play wind instrument
Soundbellows - perfect fo all agesSoundbellows - perfect fo all ages
Soundbellows - modernizing musical educationSoundbellows - modernizing musical education
Soundbellows - transform your classroomSoundbellows - transform your classroom

fill the gap in instrumentation used for making music in the classroom.
Ideally, these handy instruments complement Orff Instruments and
Boomwhackers®, two of the most dynamic names in modern music teaching.

Differentiated playing with varying sound lengths and levels is an important quality in making music with the Soundbellows®.

Group play of the Sounbellows® produces a natural sound similar to
the mouth organ and the accordion. Thus it adds color to an arrangement
of several instrument groups. Soundbellows® alone , as a homogeneous
sound body, can also build up a very pleasant musical outcome.