Soundbellows Jumbos in general education schools

Good music lessons should first and foremost appeal to ALL children and be fun and enjoyable. Based on this, ALL subject-specific skills that need to be developed should be taught in a constructive and action-oriented way.

In the area of classroom music-making (reproduction & production) and the basic development of sound understanding, the color coding of the Soundbellows Jumbos in particular offers an appealing, differentiated, barrier-free and inclusive approach for ALL children. Just as in other disciplines (e.g. mathematics), important technical elements or parameters are marked with colors in order to didactically reduce what may initially seem abstract to the children.

In the same way as with the successive development of the number range, the alphabet or the solmization syllables, the colour-coded Soundbellows Jumbos enable a step-by-step introduction of the tones and their relationships and functions through the individual tones. In addition, the single-note instrument characteristics allow the tones to be divided up according to playing level. This means that individual children can be given just one tone, a specific selection of tones or the entire range of tones from a classical scale to play. As a single-tone instrument, playing with the Soundbellows Jumbos also develops social and personal skills such as playing together, communicating and listening to each other.

Overall, the Soundbellows Jumbos with their toy-like character, the color-coding that promotes learning, their intuitive playing style and the wide range of rhythmic and melodic sound design options are an ideal and important component of musical education at school, helping children to develop a lifelong love of music.

The educational use of color-coded Sounbellows Jumbos in guided or exploratory play makes it possible to generate a sense of musical achievement in an uncomplicated and barrier-free way, using the resulting intrinsic motivation to open the doors to more complex musical issues!

Instrument recommendation

For this age group, we recommend the Soundbellows Jumbos for explorative and guided play.

The Soundbellows Evolution info provides detailed information about the differences between the Soundbellows Minis (1st generation) and the Soundbellows Jumbos (2nd generation).