Soundbellows Jumbos for children with special needs

Music education work with children from the inclusive and special education sector includes specific features and goals depending on the focus of support, which are aimed at the individual needs and abilities of the children. The choice of instruments is of great importance for the best possible support.

Due to their challenging, colorful and toy-like character and their easy and intuitive playing technique, the Soundbellows Jumbos meet the central goal of promoting inclusion and participation of all children in music education work.

Their robust and everyday structure encourages an uninhibited approach to music-making, whereby the focus is on individual sound design, an unbiased sound experience and not on playing that is judged as “wrong or right”.

With the intuitive playing technique and the variety of sound design possibilities in the rhythmic and melodic range, it is easy to promote children’s self-confidence and self-expression through explorative or guided play with the Soundbellows Jumbos.

As a single-tone instrument, playing with the Soundbellows also develops social skills such as playing together, communicating and listening to each other.

In some cases, music education work with the Soundbellows Jumbos can also integrate therapeutic approaches. Combined with music therapy methods, the Soundbellows Jumbos can then be used to support children’s physical, emotional and cognitive development and thus improve their quality of life.

Overall, the aim of music education work with Soundbellows with children from special educational needs is to create a supportive and inclusive environment in which the children can develop their musical potential and at the same time promote their personal development.

Instrument recommendation

For this age group, we recommend the Soundbellows Jumbos for explorative and guided play.

The Soundbellows Evolution info provides detailed information about the differences between the Soundbellows Minis (1st generation) and the Soundbellows Jumbos (2nd generation).